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Our aim is to serve our customers with the same commitment we hold for our Bangladeshi tradition of integrity and hospitality, fueled by a dedication to dynamism, efficiency, and quality to meet the ever-changing and challenging requirements of the travel and tourism industry


703Message From Chairman

I believe that traveling occupies the most entertaining and exciting part of one's life. People can ease the stress and pressure of a busy and monotonous life through a pleasant journey, be it around one's own country or another. Dream World has taken up a challenging mission to fulfill the dream of those people who dream of traveling worldwide. We are committed to extend our helping hands in order to present a charming journey according to what people need and demand.

Swapan Kibria
Dream World Tourism Ltd. 

738Message From Managing Director  

“Dream World” always thinks about people's undying dream of traveling and keeping that in mind, it will always bestow new facilities to the travelers. From beginning to end, our company endeavors to move forward with an untiring effort to help people travel well. I hope Dream World will provide services according to people's needs and will eventually build its own space in everyone’s mind. And this is the commitment we have made.

Jui Kibria
Managing Director
Dream World Tourism Ltd.


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